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For far too long, our government has attempted to rest on the shoulders of pride and the corrupt desire for power and greed. It is time for the government to rest on the shoulders of humility, and draw its sustenance from the will of the people. I will defend and protect the will of the people.
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Integrity operates according to a moral code of conduct rather than a pursuit of self-serving agendas. I pledge to weigh every decision I make against a high standard of integrity and to faithfully represent the will of the people.
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Building a Culture of Honor is essential if we want to establish a government that actually resolves the problems we face. We desperately need representatives who are willing to do what is best for the nation. Even if it puts their position at risk. If we are to fully realize the promise that is America, then we must bond together in a sacred Culture of Honor.
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Civility is the art of treating each other with dignity and respect. All of humanity, individually and corporately, is created with a unique voice to infuse into this district. When we value every voice, we work together in unity and we fulfill our purpose in this district, in South Carolina, and in the nation.
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Every great leader is first and always a servant to others. A great leader equips others to be greater than themselves. Together we will serve to build up this district and this nation and we will leave no person or generation behind.


Foundational to the establishment of our nation was a revolutionary idea—that government derives its power from the consent of the governed. For such a form of government to retain its legitimacy, every citizen must be assured that they have an equal voice.   Given the immense power of government, there will inevitably be those who attempt to violate that principle for their own corrupt purpose. In the last election, successful attempts were made to usurp the constitutional authority of state legislatures to control elections—this fact is indisputable. There is also known voter fraud and well-founded concern around the integrity of the vote tabulation process. No greater threat to democracy exists than this. For, when large swaths of the people lose faith that the government is formed by the consent of the governed, then we lose faith in the very glue that binds us together as one nation under God. 


Central to the idea of a nation is the delineation of its geographical boundaries.  It is within these boundaries that its citizens exercise their rights of national sovereignty. The foundational role of government is to provide for the security of the people and the protection of these borders. Failure of government to secure the borders violates the essential role upon which the government was established and deprives the people of their right to consent. The right to determine who comes into the country belongs to we the people. 


At the core of our nation’s creation is the sanctity of our rights. The Founding Fathers described our rights as being unalienable and endowed by the Creator. Foundational rights are our right to Life and Liberty. Ours is a country that guarantees that the government is not allowed to impinge upon the way we live our lives. The people of this country are totally free to live their lives on their terms without government control. The Declaration and the Constitution are documents written to protect the people from autocratic governmental control. 

My essential core value is that Life is preeminent, guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the American people. Included in these are:

1) Right of the unborn to live life to its fullness

2) Right of our people to bear arms

3) Right of a business owner to be open for business, and be free of fear from government mandates to close

4) Right of Americans of all faith to assemble for worship

5) Right of people to be governed by a government that faithfully manages the money with which they have been entrusted


Lynz visited Charleston at 13 years of age and fell deeply in love with the city and the great state of South Carolina. When asked where her desired destination in the world would be, she would always confidently answer Charleston, South Carolina.  Finally, her dream came true 6 years ago. Lynz carries the heart of the Palmetto State with her no matter where she is, and proudly states that this is the best home and destination place in the world.

In recent years, Lynz has worked as a visionary leader who provides strategic insights to empower others to achieve their goals. She believes that every person is a leader, and every leader has a purpose to infuse into this world. Without each person’s unique infusion, we are all at a loss.

She has traveled domestically and internationally to work with individuals and leaders in government and other spheres of societal influence. Her unique insights provide tactical solutions for those desiring to offer their most effective contribution to the world.

Lynz has been married to Retired Master Sargent, Jeremy Loomis for 16 years and they have two daughters, 18 and 14 years of age. Being an active-duty military wife and caregiver to a combat veteran inspired Lynz to begin advocating for veterans and caregivers.

Other life experiences include:

 • Serving as the 2018-2020 South Carolina Elizabeth Dole Fellow advocating for veterans and their caregivers

 • International Statesman Training through iChange Nations


• Professional real estate agent


• EMT first responder

• Member of the Board of Directors for Freedom Fur which trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD.

• Former Director of South Carolina for National Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation.

• Affiliation with North Palm Global

• Virginia Women For Trump/Director SC Women For Trump Chapter



“I am running for Congress as a constitutional conservative who is concerned about the liberties and the voice of the people of this district. I am passionate about working with the people of this great district to cultivate unity. Together we will serve to build up this district and this nation, and we will leave no person or generation behind.” -Lynz